Sh. V.K. Krishna Menon


The Indian  Association of Lawyer was  originally  formed  by Late Sh. V.K. Krishna Menon, Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court and former Defense Minister of India in the year 1951, as ‘Indian Association of Lawyers’ for peace. After his sad demise, Sh. H.R. Gokhle, the then Law Minister of India became the President of this organization. After him, Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, former judge of Supreme Court, was elected its President who is leading us and has been a great source of inspiration to all of us till today.


Justice P.N. Bhagwati

The former Chief Justice of India and pioneer of public spirited and common cause litigation, Justice P.N. Bhagwati is the President Emeritus of this Association. We have held 8 National Conferences. In the last conference held in Chandigarh in November 2011 Mr. Jitender Sharma Sr. Advocate has been elected president of the association.

The main object for which the association was formed is to encourage study and practice of principles of Democracy, Socialism, Promote Social Justice and work for speedy evolution of a democratic socialist society in India.

For us lawyers, judges and other men of law, constitution of India is supreme to which every political party is supposed to be guided with. The Preamble of the Constitution, itself a basic feature clearly
mandates to secure to its citizens social, economic, and political justice as well as equality of status and opportunity.

These objectives find further elaboration under chapter 4 that is Directive Principles of State policy, where-under articles 38 and 39 particularly, direct the state to promote and secure social order in which the in-equality in income, status, facilities and opportunities amongst individuals are minimized and eliminated. The state is also required to secure adequate means of livelihood and ensure that the economic system does not result in concentration of wealth and means of production to the common detriment, in-fact, we need not go to the definition and different meaning of socialism but stick to what our constitution itself has said about it because as lawyers we are supposed to uphold the law and judges are supposed to administer the law.

All and every activity of Indian Association of Lawyers is directed to achieve the goal set out by our constitution.

This association is affiliated to International Association of Democratic Lawyer (IADL) (, which is a non-Governmental Organization,  having a consultative status to UNESCO an ECOSOC.